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OTHG Race @ Milestone

On Sunday October 26 the Gang will be hosting with SoCal  Old Timers at Milestone!  It’s gonna be great to have two clubs racing on the Main track, but separate classes!  Gang members may ride as a guest in their respective SoCal class and likewise SoCal members may ride as a guest in their respective OTHG class!  Bring your friends and family out to races!

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2014 South National – UPDATED 10/1/14

Results & Laptimes

Pre-Entry List ~ Official Roster ~ as of 10/1/14

Pre-Entry is closed!  Mailed entries post marked Sep 24, 2014 or earlier will be included in the final Pre-Entry List.

The 2014 South National will once again be held at the world famous Glen Helen Raceway on October 4th and 5th!  There will be OTHG practice on Friday October 3rd for those interested in getting some extra track time.  Don’t miss this once a year event with riders coming from all over California and surrounding states to race on the Premier Motocross facility on the west coast!

Use this link for the mail-in form: 2014 South National Pre-Entry

If you cannot view the form, click Here to download Adobe PDF Reader

Visit the Glen Helen web site for more information about camping, gate times, etc.


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OTHG Race @ AV 09/21/14 INFO

Results & Laptimes

AV Moto Plex on Sunday September 21, 2014!  This will be the last local warm up race before the South National which is the first weekend in October.  This track is distinctive with it’s decision maker sections which makes for a lot of fun for the riders to pick and choose their way to the finish!

This is the time of year where the points chasers will begin counting each race until the end of the year!  Check out the top 10-12 riders and be sure to encourage them in their quest for a good finish to 2014!

(The pic in this post is not the current design, but the decision parts are viewable!)

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